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Putin's Puppets

Putin’s Puppets

This is for the Russian bloggers and others who seek real liberty in the face of Putin’s heavy handed, and frankly Soviet era style, policies that are destroying said liberties.

All the while, Russia gladly hosts Julian “WikiLeaks” Assange and Edward “Flee” Snowden.

Assange even works for Russia Today, a known propaganda agency that is far from an objective news source.

Snowden is only a treasonous moron for running to Russia instead of hiding out in Ron Paul’s house where he’d be safe and sound.

It surprises me that hacktivist groups don’t see right through this game right now.  Seriously guys, if you really cared about freedom of speech and privacy, why did you run to Russia?!

Russia Today on the law in Russia that governs blogs with more than 3000 viewers:

How safe do you think you really are?

Russia has a longer track record than any modern nation of suppressing free speech and monitoring it’s people.  Just ask people who defected from the Soviet Union, or those old enough to remember the worst parts of Soviet rule in Eastern Europe.  There are plenty of stories about people owning typewriters that had licenses and a requirement to turn in samples of their machines work to the local KGB offices (or similar police agencies).  Today, any mail sent to or from Russia is opened and viewed.  Are you really positive your Internet connection isn’t wide open and monitored.

Sad to say, I think there is more to this story than Assange’s champions would like to admit.  I certainly hope Assange knows what he’s doing over there, because I doubt he’ll survive long if Putin finds him ‘unreliable’.

I’m sure Putin would never off Assange, blame the CIA, and then use that as a pretext for World War III, not that Assange wouldn’t commit suicide and the same the same thing happen with the way some people believe in him as the next messiah.



ISIS’s own Abu Mosa making an understatement about where they will raise the flag of ISIS.

Allah knocked, told him that He wanted His flag back.  I’m sure there are no virgins for Abu.

29JAN14 News

So, I quit watching the news to save my sanity. I’ll still read it online, but I can no longer stand to watch it. My eyes squirt blood and my head threatens to explode.

6 Days left and $1500 short on the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War graphic novel.  I’m asking my readers and followers to consider giving what you feel you can, even if its just SHARING THE LINK on your social media, blogs, and other pages!  Please help Clayton out with this project!

Clayton worked hard with a number of great creators to publish this to commemorate the sacrifices of a “forgotten” generation of America’s Veterans who served from 1950 to 1953 in the killing fields of Korea securing Liberty south of the 38th Parallel.    Lets NOT forget the Korean War, as its still going on to this day ion one of the longest ceasefires in history!

So, check it out folks!  Clayton has been a big help and mentor for me just being himself, doing his jobs, and juggling with a few graphic novel/fundraising projects as well!  This man’s work deserves our attention!  I also know Clayton is driven by the same passion for this project (more so than myself actually), and that is the impact Korean War Veterans have had on our lives.  They are a quieter and smaller group of Veterans, but in no way any less influential than all the Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq Veterans.  Lets honor these men and women before their generation is gone forever from the living.



Never Forget!


PFC Bowe Bergdahl, hang in there brother!




Just some sketches done on my trusty Galaxy Note phone before bed using the app Zen Brush for Android.  I love its simulation of real sumi ink, but it drives me nuts that there is little to no pressure support or other features that take advantage of the Wacom designed S-Pen.  What else do you expect from an iPhone/iPad app developer who took forever to produce an Android port?  Mark my words, with Samsung and Wacom working closer and the new Wacom Companion Windows 8 tablet….  Apples days of dominating graphic arts computing are numbered.

SA 01FEB13 McCarthy Women AR

Its a smidgen late folks, but it’ll never get old!  Typical Liberal Democrat lunacy.  First the Administration and Congress removes most of the blocks, if not all, of women serving in front line combat; then Representative McCarthy from New York in her infinite wisdom and superior intellect with regard to all things firearms declares that women shouldn’t use AR-15s for self defense as they are not accurate enough for such a role.

Needless to say, I’m sure the women I served with in Iraq share the sentiments as this young Airman (reference photo was from an Airman guarding Sather AB Iraq circa 2006 or so).  I’m sure most of the women I know will agree with it, even if its a bit more harsh than their own.


Nope, not fear.  A pragmatic understanding of the prey/predator relationship in nature, of which mankind is a part of.

SA 18DEC12 Falcon Dining Couple

Based on the experience of seeing a falcon swoop in and catch a mouse, and land on one of my cameras to start chowing down on its prey. Considering the ability of these cameras to move like they do, I figure it would make a pretty sweet rotating skyline view for a romantic dinner for the birds.

SA 11DEC12 Crow Rides Camera

Some job related humor from the rent-a-cop…err…. Security Officer business! Especially anyone who watches cameras at rural locations…