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My new format (3.0!) moving away from the 800×600 pixel rectangle. Tackling a tough issue that I’ve run across before at work. There are some old guys out there who come up to the gun counter at work and make assumptions about myself and some of my co-workers based what they think of the youth (18-30 year olds anyway…). They express that opinion, clearly ignorant of my background, and that of a couple of my co-workers who are Reservists. Its really frustrating when you run across folks that treat you like your an ignorant fool only interested in the latest iPhone and have no clue about life just because you are under 30. Sometimes, it takes EVERY ounce of self control NOT to reach over the gun counter and rip their throats out. Sorry, I’ve known enough people under 25 who have died or left bits and pieces of themselves in the sands of Iraq or rocks of Afghanistan to not get angry. Most of these guys should know better, they had buddies of theirs that did the same in Vietnam or Korea…

Every name here has a specific purpose:
Cpl. Jason Karella, a Fairbanks Alaska resident KIA in Afghanistan
SSgt. Christopher Frost, a photographer with some fantastic work on Deviant Art who died with less than a month left in Iraq, his work can be seen at where its still there.
SSgt. Frazier and A1C Losano, are two USAF TACP ROMADs (AFSC 1C4X1) who are the first to have been killed by enemy fire since the Vietnam War.

Every name, is under 25. Obviously, the idea that MY generation doesn’t know sacrifice is total male bovine feces.


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