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Anyone watching the news lately has noticed that Glenn Beck, Fox News, Andrew Breitbart, Matt Drudge, and others have come under an enormous amount of fire from the current Administration. Reasons for this range from their exposing various members of the Obama Administration as Marxist Activists, sympathetic toward the Black Panthers, or just plain corrupt. This has prompted various ‘activists’ groups to start ‘investigations’ into these news agencies to expose ‘bias’. However that ‘bias’ is often times exaggerated and pointless in the face of their own biases. This is a point in which the current government is pushing against the rising tide of opposition to their agenda, they are trying to undermining the TEA Party, talk radio, Internet news (that doesn’t drink their Koolaide), and specific commentators (whom are commentators and not reporters, therefore its known that they have OPINIONS and are paid to EXPRESS them). Simply said, this is a blatant attack on the 1st Amendment by the current Administration. Anyone who speaks out and says “Faux News is fake” perpetuates official propaganda courtesy Media Matters; and is indirectly attacking Freedom of Speech by doing so. When they disregard all information presented by Fox, Breitbart, and Drudge they willingly ‘self censor’ information and impose that same idea on others; something they superficially oppose (in spite of doing it themselves)… However, its best to hide your bias waving flags and screaming dissent it patriotic, just ask the ACLU which in the 1920’s began its crusade for censorship by hiding behind our flag.

Attacking the ‘Opposition Media’ stimulates a response from those of us who read it and process it along with our CNN, local biased paper (in my case the Daily News Miner of Fairbanks AK), and occasional trips to the NY Times and Huffington Post. However, there are those that take it too far, those who subscribe to the views of Prison Planet and Alex Jones (and others). The ‘attack’ on these organizations along with other issues has resulted in a heightened paranoia among the already paranoid who were already arming up when Bush 43 was in office (and certainly earlier). Somehow, I know this reaction is not lost on our enemies. When you can destabilize a nation, why not take its internal political debate and heighten it further; with the goal of inciting civil war. Divide and Conquer. Hide the real agenda behind a thin veil of Constitutionalism (ignoring the inconvenient parts of the Constitution that debunk their opinions).

Instigating violence from the paranoids in our nation seems to me to be the desire of both our current power holders (the liberals who are of the extreme Left, and Communist revolutionaries). We have seen their infiltrators at the TEA Parties, we have seen their contempt, and we have seen Nancy Pelosi march Congress in front of protestors trying to instigate a violent reaction from our side of the argument. To date, they have failed. The gentleman in Arizona with an AR-15 on his back and revolver on his hip is fine example. Capable of fighting back if violence is needed, but peacefully standing there and engaging in public discourse; meanwhile MSNBC reports ‘racism’ and crops his head off to not show he is an angry Black American who isn’t in line with the current President. They reported ‘violence’ and ‘hatred’, and sought to instigate such; and in the end they just put another nail in the coffin of their credibility.

However, violence from our side of the argument by the paranoids hasn’t been unheard of. While such claims are exaggerated, the roots of such claims can be traced to organizations that claim to be ‘militias’ which fail to fit that definition. Groups like the Hutaree who plan violence against the government over both perceived and real grievances. When these groups form, they are indeed dangerous to the stability of the United States and this Republic in a number of ways. First and foremost, they take away from the legitimacy of the real State Militias which serve their residents and provide the US as whole with another layer of National Security at the State level, these real Militias do not deploy over seas and are only the assets of their State Governors and any State that has signed a mutual aid agreement. Second, they become a conduit for foreign influence on US internal security as they can easily be manipulated by a foreign enemy to attack critical targets in the United States and destabilize our nation from within prior to an invasion by spreading specific points of propaganda (the idea of using a superficially ‘Constitutional’ argument for example, and underplaying the fact that their existence is contrary to the context and vision of the Founding Fathers). Third, they detract from those of us who are in the opposition and see that real change needs to happen at the ballot box. By far, the idea of discrediting the more peaceful opposition to this administration seems to be most important role these rouge armed groups play.

With the possibility foreign enemies utilizing both our present government, and its opposition, we enter the three dimensional world of asymmetric non-battlefield warfare. The old X and Y coordinates of the ‘Left and Right’ are still there, but there is a third dimension, it goes up and down from there, it is the Z coordinate. Within the Z coordinate lies the foreign enemy manipulating both groups on the X and Y coordinates. This is a fluid environment, it is in space where the distances can be vast, yet still reached. Our current media looks to the X and the Y, and a scarce handful are able to look and see the Z plane in play. As such, we need to also cease assuming that is only a ‘Left and Right’ two dimensional argument and start looking for the Z plane ourselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me lay out my own ‘conspiracy’.

It is not the Republicans, Democrats, or Libertarians that will save us. It is only Americans that can save our nation. When Glenn Beck promotes keeping dialog between the Left and Right he is absolutely correct. When he advocates for non-violence by the TEA Party he is absolutely correct. There are forces at work here manipulating both sides with the desire of civil war. Already the Economic War is in full swing and we see it results, I strongly suspect this was their desire. Next is destabilization of our populace. The final stage would be an invasion, one in which they have already won the war by economical desolation and total meltdown of national identity through getting the polarized groups to fight from within. This is all conducted while destroying all former alliances, sometimes by attacking allies (say Israel), or by destroying through manipulation others (the United Kingdom perhaps). They will put their people in power, and will do as much damage as they can.

I have no sources beyond gut feeling and everything I’ve written about prior. Do take this with a vast grain of salt, however do consider in context of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and T’ai Kungs “Six Secret Teachings”. Understand that Asia is on the rise, and our enemies in Central Asia were influenced as much by Chinese military philosophy as they were by Western philosophies. I will not list whom I think is manipulating us, as that would be pure speculation. Any nation can hire people with brains and background in both Eastern and Western Military strategies and military history. In fact, the availability of these books is why I’m concerned now as I’ve read them too. This is just a Simple Analysis by a high school educated man…


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