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I’m sorry, but something is seriously wrong if no one calls me because my daughter wants a surgical procedure that could result in her injury and death; and the death of a child.  Meanwhile, everything else healthcare wise REQUIRES Parental Notification!  There are exceptional cases, and those are covered under Ballot Measure 2 here in Alaska.   Ballotpedia article.  For me, the choice is simple…  I want to know.  When my kids are eighteen and out of my house, or emancipated that is an entirely different scenario.  On top of that, I’m Pro-Life.  However, as abortion is a surgical procedure, this transcends the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate, as ANY surgical procedure or medicine should REQUIRE consent of a parent or legal guardian (with the exception of life saving First Aid done by Emergency Medical Personnel and an Emergency Room Surgeon…).  This puts far too much of our children’s destiny in the hands of school nurses and counselors, and takes my child’s destiny out of my hands as a parent.  Once again, there are provisions within Ballot Measure 2 (2010) to assist those truly at risk of life and limb.  When Planned Parenthood calls Ballot Measure 2 (2010) dangerous, you know its  the kettle calling the pot black; as abortion is a dangerous surgical procedure (as any surgical procedure is, I remember my folks signing the anesthesia waiver that mentioned death when I went through oral surgery at the age of 12…).


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  1. Thank you for this. I really resent that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are painting this to be a “government control” issue. Ironically, these are the people who love government control, but that is beside the point. They are trying to take control of our teens by telling us they know better than we do what our children need. Most of the people I know who are against this ballot measure have never had children. Yet, they know better than I do what my child will need if this ever happened. Abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood, they are willing to keep it going at any cost.

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