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I had this one drawn up before the EPA dropped the issue after the firearms community took charge of exposing the stupidity of the proposed regulation.  It was nothing less than a blatant back door gun control attempt that co-opted several conservation groups.  But then seeing how progressive a lot of of envrionMENTALists are it should come as no surprise that they are anti-gun.  They went after lead in bullets, and fishing weights.  Why?  Because of the perceived threat these items pose to endangered species.  Granted lead is a concern, however the lead in bullets and fishing weights is nothing compared to other exposure areas.

Ramifications of this would impact far more than hunting though.  We already see how easy it is for lead to makes its way into toys.  Why you might ask?  Well, lead has been in use in paint for centuries.  Lead is still in paint.  Just not commercial grade or home grade building paint, but it could very well be in your hobby paint.  Many people in the craft industry already have to watch which brands of paint they get to comply with regulations for manufacture of toys because they could be liable for lead poisoning.  Face painters especially have to be very careful what paint they use, cosmetic quality being the choice obviously.  Why?  There is more than just lead that is dangerous to the human body in fine art paints, there are other heavy metals that don’t do your body any good when you are exposed to them long term, metals like cadmium.

Technology has replaced lead in many applications, however in a lot of older buildings and city structures lead remains in the paint, and even the pipes (with solder, mostly on heating systems and thankfully not drinking water…).  Lead is a useful construction material for many fields from sculpture to electronics.  Its not all evil, and we find we do well surrounded by lead in those areas because the lead is an alloy mix with tin or other metal and remains in its primary form with few particles dropping off to be inhaled.  Obviously, the people who handle electronics or lead in other areas already know to wash their hands with cold water before proceeding to eat or touch their faces.  Its a shame that conservation groups are over reacting to this material and blaming hunters and anglers first.  But then, I expect nothing less from these people who would rather play politics than accomplish anything really truly meaningful as most species they ‘protect’ have rebound beautifully and they couldn’t justify their existence without some threat to face (kinda like how they claim the military starts wars to justify its existence…).

Now, how about those mercury filled light bulbs you environMENTALists demand we use?  What impact do you think millions of those will have after they break and leave mercury vapor in folks lungs or in the water supply?


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