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I say “NO”!  Zeal is not the enemy of mankind.  Nor is religion.  What is painfully obvious to me from recent news events (especially the James Lee incident at Discovery Channel, and for the demands… is that nuts are in every walk of life and point of view.  Atheists and EnvironMENTALists are just as much ‘religious zealots’ as Jihadist’s and Westboro Baptist [sic] Wackos.   Indeed, when one sees the work of Religious Zealots like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, or Martin Luther King Jr.; perhaps zeal in the right area is indeed an HONORABLE trait we need to embrace more often in our society.  Zeal doesn’t mean passion out of control like the current consensus seems to indicate, but rather an adherence to a path above and beyond the normal scope of society.  One certainly doesn’t consider it normal to drop everything, all earthly possessions, all wealth, all status, just to go forth out into the streets of Calcutta and embrace the lepers.   This takes zeal in every sense of the word.


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