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Sometimes I wonder if our current energy policy is a puppet with scissors…  Facts remain, renewable energy isn’t feasible on the macro scale as of yet, and the government is forcing those options at the expense of all others (where now they are currently supported by subsidies because the return on the investment for solar in particular is so absolutely poor NO ONE beyond an individual wanting off the grid can really afford to ‘upgrade’ to solar…).  Pretty soon, the puppet won’t be able to cut some things (in this case Petroleum) because he is unable with so many strings cut.  Many of these technologies are wonderful, but need more time to develop (and likely benefit from current technology as well…  at least to produce it).  Possible next cartoon, how Ethanol production is impacting international food prices as we burn it for our fuel because farmers get more government subsidies for producing corn for Ethanol than for producing food grade grains…


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