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This is being published in honor of an organization in our community dedicated to stalking peoples chimney pipes.  They go around town, hunting for homes with outdoor boilers or fireplaces and wait to take pictures until there is a plume of smoke coming out.  Sure, it doesn’t sound bad, until you understand that the smoke is within the first hour of adding fuel.  This means they sit and wait, hence the stalking, until the property owner (or tenant) fuels the boiler.  I should also add, that in several cases, they have taken pictures of peoples roofs who HAVE OIL BOILERS.  Funny how that works.  For your review folks, I took pictures of my own outdoor coal boiler at temperature as well as a neighboring roof  with an oil boiler (and I had the courtesy to cut out any identifying structures, vehicles, etc.).

If biomass is such a caustic fuel source, then why does the EPA, and AK DEC allow 1,000,000 plus acre forest fires to rage in the summer causing PM 2.5 levels to outstrip the ENTIRE winter.  But I digress.  I should also point out that the folks seeking to ban affordable fuel in the Fairbanks Area, be they the Borough, or others, have only opacity to measure with as property owners are pretty adamant about not allowing them into their homes to monitor their fireplaces.  Yes, that is the only accurate way to measure pollutants.  But then, thats probably what they wanted from the start.  Thats why they pushed for the law to begin being enforced based on the color of the smoke coming out of your pipe, followed by how opaque it appears to be.  They wanted that fight to start incrementally, and then when the public was tired of it, then they’d offer the alternative of emissions testing…  Invading homes, requiring licenses for the affordable alternative to heating oil in the coldest state in the Union.  Yes, for many its true, burn the cheapest fuel or freeze.  Oil is the primary fuel, and also the most expensive.  Thats a fact (Fairbanks Gas records the prices in just about every corner of the FNSB.  There are a few gaps, but in general these guys have been tracking the prices since I can remember listening to the radio up here in 2004).


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