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After months, literally, of work and thought, how appropriate that I finish this cartoon today…

…a little cheap romance bashing on a day meant for real love. A couple old enemies finding the world embracing a farce…

…those were the good ol’ days. Vampires were to be despised, they viewed us as cattle. Simpler times. I blame Anne Rice and company for making Vampires out to be the anti-heroes full of angst they are viewed as today. For me, its very simple, Vampires are a threat to humanity, and I like the Hunter be it Von Helsing, or Blade.

Somehow, I think Drac and Von Helsing would be sitting in a bar drinking out of depression at the current state of affairs.

Someday, I might actually tie myself down to a chair and watch “Twilight” just for the parodies I can come up with much as I’ve sat and watched some horror flicks to do the same (though “Army of Darkness” and “Evil Dead 2” certainly do a good job of parody in that realm).

Honestly though, can you really beat the effect of the original Universal Monsters? I think not, the old black and white will always have its charm. Boris, Bela (Lugosi), and Lon Jr. will never be topped merely because they were the pioneers and trailblazers of American cinema (post silent film that is…).


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