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GIMP 2.8 is out TODAY! It includes Layer Groups… This is a BIG improvement and my biggest gripe about the GIMP as a digital painter and comic guy. Groups make a HUGE difference on your work flow allowing you to separate your various elements and not get lost in the sometimes HUNDREDS of layers you generate doing art sometimes. That being said however, I think I’ll stick to Manga Studio for now as the workflow for laying out my layer groups for comic pages is already accomplished. That, and as GIMP 2.8 matures, I can use it to color my black and white work created with MS4 if the .psd import/export is up to snuff.

Now, I just have to wait for a MAC OSX build to be released.

That being said, I might be switching to Krita for my Linux image editor of choice. Using similar code Krita has some great features I’m going to look into. Along with Krita, another GTK based digital painting program I’ve enjoyed for both Linux and Windows is MyPaint. Its light weight and not really good for editing photos and images, but its the great sketching program that does even better than Sketchbook Pro for my Windows and Linux machines.

That, and I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my netbook. We’ll see how Krita and MyPaint perform on that little box. So far its role as a mobile digital sketchbook has been sub-par… But then, its still more capable than an iPad so I can’t complain (the 180 GB HD, 3 USB ports, and Flash drive make iPad users less likely to mock the netbook for the time being… Especially when I plug in my trusty Wacom and can draw/paint with full pressure sensitivity, tilt detection, and brush rotation).


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