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Rumor mill or otherwise…  I had to comment on the possibility of the current Administration releasing the “Blind Sheik” (mastermind of the 1994 WTC bombing that should have woken folks up to the FACT that Islamo-Fascists were at war with the United States…).

Honestly, it all depends on how he’s delivered…  I kinda like the idea myself…

….Maybe with an airburst fuse?


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  1. Reblogged this on Valerie Finnigan's Books, Banter, and Blog and commented:
    I had the privilege of working with Michael Joseph Sutherland on scripting his accounts from the Iraq War for “Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.” Sudsy- as he likes to be called- had also taken up cartooning while in Iraq, and when he came home, he promised to get his cartoons published. Heroes Fallen Studios helped with that, including a humorous tribute to low flying aircraft and the people freaked out by them. Of course, the cartooning didn’t stop there, as he, like so many other veterans, found cartooning to be a healthy way to express his feelings and opinions.

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