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SA 18DEC12 Falcon Dining Couple

Based on the experience of seeing a falcon swoop in and catch a mouse, and land on one of my cameras to start chowing down on its prey. Considering the ability of these cameras to move like they do, I figure it would make a pretty sweet rotating skyline view for a romantic dinner for the birds.


SA 11DEC12 Crow Rides Camera

Some job related humor from the rent-a-cop…err…. Security Officer business! Especially anyone who watches cameras at rural locations…


Here is a look at my current workflow and situation!  When I create a strip using traditional media I now am favoring using the classic size paper for newspaper syndication, 11″x14″ paper.  I scan it in halves on my US Legal size HP all in one scanner at 300 dpi.  Then I use my favorite image editor GIMP (now in version 2.8 available FREE from to carefully put both scanned halves together before exporting the whole cartoon as a tiff file.  I then open up the tiff file and my comic strip template in Corel Painter X and do some editing and scaling to create a final product ready for publication.

What you see here on this blog are my 72 to 96 dpi JPEG exports.  These are the standard web sized images.  On my computer I keep the 300 dpi original TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, RIFF, and XCF files depending upon the program used to edit them.

Rumor mill or otherwise…  I had to comment on the possibility of the current Administration releasing the “Blind Sheik” (mastermind of the 1994 WTC bombing that should have woken folks up to the FACT that Islamo-Fascists were at war with the United States…).

Honestly, it all depends on how he’s delivered…  I kinda like the idea myself…

….Maybe with an airburst fuse?

I’m a bit excited about the latest version of Steve Jackson Games FLAGSHIP product.  It all started as a “Microgame” pocket game in the late 1970’s and has bloomed…  Inspired by Keith Laumer’s “Bolo” GIANT self aware cybertanks, Ogres are much grittier and live in a bit of more Cold War world inspired world of the North American Combine, Paneuropean Union, and Nihon Empire.  They also sling around nukes all the time…  Making them much more devastating than other weapons systems in SF…  Not that I don’t have plenty of bi-pedal armored war machines floating around in my own game collection…

05JUN12.  Venus crossed in front of the sun for the world to see.  Mr. Bradbury was present with Mr. Heinlein with the best view in the Solar System…

Bradbury was one of the few Sci-Fi authors I ever read in school.  I’m glad he was…  “I, Rocket” was a personal favorite, and the Al Williamson illustrated EC Comic version of the story is among the best SF comics I’ve ever read.

With the way the Sierra Club, Northern Environmental Center, and other ‘green groups’ act, hindering a power plant to drop our electric rates… As well as trying to ban wood and coal furnaces, while driving up the price of heating oil… It only leaves us with one choice. Leave AK because we can’t afford the second mortgage to heat our homes in the Interior. Yes, a second mortgage.

My electric bill shows me that the ‘fuel surcharge’ costs more than the kwh I use. Why? Because we have to generate electricity with oil along with coal. Why? Because we don’t have a coal generator running right now because its held up by environmental groups. Why? Because coal is dirty right? Never mind that its a Clean Coal Plant, nor that coal technology in normal plants has improved to a point that our ancestors wouldn’t recognize it because its so much cleaner.

Until we go nuclear, we will need to burn coal, oil, natural gas, or something else to effectively produce electricity without damming up a river. Green technology is a mere pipe dream that isn’t capable of producing power to support humanity beyond the INDIVIDUALS who choose to live off the grid. Economy of scale makes it a FANTASTIC micro solution for the individual, but a poor macro solution for the nation and industry. Thats REALITY, no matter what the Obama Administration, Sierra Club, or Northern Environmental Center think.

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Honestly, I think this is most important thing I can say about the tragic case of Trayvon Martin.  Honestly, people need to calm down and let the facts all come forth and let the investigation come to a conclusion (and possibly a trial) before demanding ‘justice’; which in the case of Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Spike Lee apparently is nothing more than thinly veiled vengeance and ‘evening the score’.  Something tells me Martin Luther King Jr. rolls in his grave over the reaction of the usual idiots spouting off about race.

Here is my simple reaction to the Manty Hose craze:

Fashion for men changes with each age and culture.  I guess that Manty Hose is making a comeback from the days of Shakespeare…  Clearly, I’m in the Proud Kilt Wearing Camp myself…  Girly Englishmen can keep the tights!

Happy St. Patty’s Day (really its tomorrow, but its never too early to throw on a green kilt and celebrate this great Celtic hero!).