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I couldn’t finish it.  I’ve been working a couple weeks on the concept, and only came up with the cliche scissors and Bill of Rights.  That, and the background is bare and I’m really running out of time to finish this cartoon…  Along with being rather angry at the whole affair.  Most recently the compromise that was not compromise…

Don’t be distracted by the contraception/abortion issue folks.  This is indeed government interference in religion, along with other past events its just a piece of whats been going on at an incredible rate the last four years.  NDAA before Christmas, SOPA/PIPA to distract us with something that had no hope of passage (tossing us a bone essentially), and now the DHHS mandating that religious organizations pay for services they have a strong moral conviction against.  Just one more nail in the coffin of Liberty that Obamacare has brought about by MANDATING how we pay for our healthcare, and what gets covered regardless of what we believe.


…never falls far from the tree!  Especially the Murkowski family (and their connections to Stevens and his wrong doings in the Senate and here in Alaska).  Nepotism at its finest!

This one I did with an idea from a volunteer in the Joe Miller for US Senate campaign.  This is another off the cycle additional cartoon to my stack for the year!  Election season is fruitful for political cartooning!

Amazing how the US Government can believe that they can predict how a law will be abused, all the while being able to tell the States that they cannot predict a Federal Law will be abused…

I say “NO”!  Zeal is not the enemy of mankind.  Nor is religion.  What is painfully obvious to me from recent news events (especially the James Lee incident at Discovery Channel, and for the demands… is that nuts are in every walk of life and point of view.  Atheists and EnvironMENTALists are just as much ‘religious zealots’ as Jihadist’s and Westboro Baptist [sic] Wackos.   Indeed, when one sees the work of Religious Zealots like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, or Martin Luther King Jr.; perhaps zeal in the right area is indeed an HONORABLE trait we need to embrace more often in our society.  Zeal doesn’t mean passion out of control like the current consensus seems to indicate, but rather an adherence to a path above and beyond the normal scope of society.  One certainly doesn’t consider it normal to drop everything, all earthly possessions, all wealth, all status, just to go forth out into the streets of Calcutta and embrace the lepers.   This takes zeal in every sense of the word.

I like Joe Miller!  Good, solid, Constitutionally ground Conservative.  Pretty much what the Republican Party SHOULD be, but isn’t.  Especially up here in Alaska where our incumbent Senator Murkowski is too wishy washy and socially liberal.  Yes, Senator Murkowski isn’t the worse that we’ve had, but she sure lost all my support by approving Holder for Attorney General!  So, when I heard Miller is ahead by 1600 votes the night all precincts reported in I was happy.

Then the Republican Machine came in…  The “Club” doesn’t want an outsider!

Can my analysis be any simpler?  After all, this is the foundation of a free country, our chance to utilize a democratic process to effect change in our Republic!  Today is my state’s Primary Election.  This is where my vote impacts who we see on the ballot in November.  This is just as important to me as the big election two years ago that determined our President.  Failure to participate is failure as a citizen.  Hell, my cartoon is this simple because I just got discharged form the hospital yesterday after having surgery on Sunday night to remove my appendix.  I still voted, whats your excuse if you haven’t yet?

I’m sorry, but something is seriously wrong if no one calls me because my daughter wants a surgical procedure that could result in her injury and death; and the death of a child.  Meanwhile, everything else healthcare wise REQUIRES Parental Notification!  There are exceptional cases, and those are covered under Ballot Measure 2 here in Alaska.   Ballotpedia article.  For me, the choice is simple…  I want to know.  When my kids are eighteen and out of my house, or emancipated that is an entirely different scenario.  On top of that, I’m Pro-Life.  However, as abortion is a surgical procedure, this transcends the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate, as ANY surgical procedure or medicine should REQUIRE consent of a parent or legal guardian (with the exception of life saving First Aid done by Emergency Medical Personnel and an Emergency Room Surgeon…).  This puts far too much of our children’s destiny in the hands of school nurses and counselors, and takes my child’s destiny out of my hands as a parent.  Once again, there are provisions within Ballot Measure 2 (2010) to assist those truly at risk of life and limb.  When Planned Parenthood calls Ballot Measure 2 (2010) dangerous, you know its  the kettle calling the pot black; as abortion is a dangerous surgical procedure (as any surgical procedure is, I remember my folks signing the anesthesia waiver that mentioned death when I went through oral surgery at the age of 12…).