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With the way the Sierra Club, Northern Environmental Center, and other ‘green groups’ act, hindering a power plant to drop our electric rates… As well as trying to ban wood and coal furnaces, while driving up the price of heating oil… It only leaves us with one choice. Leave AK because we can’t afford the second mortgage to heat our homes in the Interior. Yes, a second mortgage.

My electric bill shows me that the ‘fuel surcharge’ costs more than the kwh I use. Why? Because we have to generate electricity with oil along with coal. Why? Because we don’t have a coal generator running right now because its held up by environmental groups. Why? Because coal is dirty right? Never mind that its a Clean Coal Plant, nor that coal technology in normal plants has improved to a point that our ancestors wouldn’t recognize it because its so much cleaner.

Until we go nuclear, we will need to burn coal, oil, natural gas, or something else to effectively produce electricity without damming up a river. Green technology is a mere pipe dream that isn’t capable of producing power to support humanity beyond the INDIVIDUALS who choose to live off the grid. Economy of scale makes it a FANTASTIC micro solution for the individual, but a poor macro solution for the nation and industry. Thats REALITY, no matter what the Obama Administration, Sierra Club, or Northern Environmental Center think.


No, this isn’t a joke.  We had an 85 year old Sourdough Mama beat a moose senseless with a shovel!  Don’t mess with her man and dogs!

This is being published in honor of an organization in our community dedicated to stalking peoples chimney pipes.  They go around town, hunting for homes with outdoor boilers or fireplaces and wait to take pictures until there is a plume of smoke coming out.  Sure, it doesn’t sound bad, until you understand that the smoke is within the first hour of adding fuel.  This means they sit and wait, hence the stalking, until the property owner (or tenant) fuels the boiler.  I should also add, that in several cases, they have taken pictures of peoples roofs who HAVE OIL BOILERS.  Funny how that works.  For your review folks, I took pictures of my own outdoor coal boiler at temperature as well as a neighboring roof  with an oil boiler (and I had the courtesy to cut out any identifying structures, vehicles, etc.).

If biomass is such a caustic fuel source, then why does the EPA, and AK DEC allow 1,000,000 plus acre forest fires to rage in the summer causing PM 2.5 levels to outstrip the ENTIRE winter.  But I digress.  I should also point out that the folks seeking to ban affordable fuel in the Fairbanks Area, be they the Borough, or others, have only opacity to measure with as property owners are pretty adamant about not allowing them into their homes to monitor their fireplaces.  Yes, that is the only accurate way to measure pollutants.  But then, thats probably what they wanted from the start.  Thats why they pushed for the law to begin being enforced based on the color of the smoke coming out of your pipe, followed by how opaque it appears to be.  They wanted that fight to start incrementally, and then when the public was tired of it, then they’d offer the alternative of emissions testing…  Invading homes, requiring licenses for the affordable alternative to heating oil in the coldest state in the Union.  Yes, for many its true, burn the cheapest fuel or freeze.  Oil is the primary fuel, and also the most expensive.  Thats a fact (Fairbanks Gas records the prices in just about every corner of the FNSB.  There are a few gaps, but in general these guys have been tracking the prices since I can remember listening to the radio up here in 2004).

Well, considering Prop 2 outright bans coal, and my outdoor boiler regardless of which fuel I use… And sets up police powers for the Borough to measure the moisture in your wood pile to ensure you have dry wood… As well as setting up opacity measurements for wood smoke (but doesn’t apply to any other types of smoke even though oil boilers, wood boilers, and coal boilers all produce very opaque smoke at -30 through -50 F….) in which a ‘code enforcement officer’ objectively determines if you smoke is too opaque (also, never mind the lack of daylight during winter in AK, or that its banning the most economical fuel sources at this present time requiring us to burn oil or ‘approved’ wood stoves).

All this, because the people who live in Ester literally badgered people into signing petitions at the Library and soccer practices. Yup, I can confirm that its the Ester crowd, while I running the Equinox Ultra Marathon on Ester Dome; all the Subaru’s, Volkswagens, and Audis had “Yes on 2” signs and stickers as well as the properties. Obviously, its meant to get riff-raff like my family out of town so that the folks who can afford the $20,000 Volkswagens and Audi and the fuel oil to heat their hilltop homes don’t have smell my wood or coal smoke regardless of the actual air quality (by they way, we have worse air quality in summer with our 1,000,000+ acre forest fires… but those don’t count toward ‘attainment’ or ‘non-attainment’ of PM 2.5 standards… Which is the only reason we are non-compliant, it used to be PM 10 until we obtained compliance, funny how the number moves like that!).

I borrowed Antonia Prohias’ cartoon of the sheep skin drapped over the hammer and sickle. Its the cartoon that got him kicked out of Cuba… Incidentally responsible for his employment by MAD! Magazine and the creation of “Spy Vs Spy”.

Local issue here…

Inspired by actual events! Sorta…

I was sitting at my guard post on the Hastings Fire north of Fairbanks AK when I was running both a mosquito coil and a Therma Cell to keep the mosquitoes off at about 11pm/midnight or so (so the date might be a bit off…). Needless to say, some of them mosquitoes still kept on coming at me! The idea crossed my mind that not only are bears on top of humans here in Alaska, but the mosquito has got to be on top of it all… Insert some cartoon exaggeration, and POW, giant mosquito that is on top of everything in the food chain!

In theory, the bear spray works as a deterrent (though US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and other agencies shoot at least one grizzly after bear spray fails just about every year or so… They usually give it about three sprays before resorting to the 12 ga.). Bear bells… well, we tell the tourists they work… That and we joke about dinner bells and seasoning… Especially after stupid Californians or Alabamians balk at the $50 price tag on a 16 oz. can of bear spray…

…after all, $14.19 worth of Brenneke Black Magic 3″ magnum 12 ga. slugs are what everyone around here considers 100% effective lead based bear spray! If you run into the mosquito pictured here, make sure you have some 00 Buck handy…

Alaska voters voted to limit our State Legislature to merely 90 days from 120 days a couple years ago.  This was in order to get them to focus on their one State Constitutional obligation, the Capitol Budget…  For the last two years in a row, they have over-run the 90 days with similar frivolous items; and saved their one job which they are legally obligated to accomplish during a regular session, for a special session.  Sure, picking the State firearm and honoring one of your colleges (and a man who did so much for Alaska) are indeed good accomplishments, if the budget was taken care of first!  To taxpayers like myself who pay you live in Juneau for 90 days, you screwed us, again.  GET THE BUSINESS DONE FIRST, frivolous feel good statehood stuff can wait for the budget!

…never falls far from the tree!  Especially the Murkowski family (and their connections to Stevens and his wrong doings in the Senate and here in Alaska).  Nepotism at its finest!

This one I did with an idea from a volunteer in the Joe Miller for US Senate campaign.  This is another off the cycle additional cartoon to my stack for the year!  Election season is fruitful for political cartooning!

Alaska Political Family business is threatened by a loss in the Republican Primary.  RINO’s call in the Legal Thugs…  Too bad, these lawyers can’t really find a way to take down Judge Miller!

Amazing how the more liberal elements of the Democratic Party, and even the GOP, tend to forget that they claim to embrace religious tolerance in the face of the Tea Party’s success…  I especially find the DNC’s hypocrisy in this case to be very disturbing as they tend hold the lions share of Wiccan voters.  That is, at least what the DNC tries very hard to convey…  The reality is actually quite different.  I know of three non-Christian Pagan/Wiccan gun toting Conservative voters personally…  Believe me, they are just as miffed about the DNC’s lies about religious tolerance as I am (as a Roman Catholic).  But this is Alaska after all!