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Just some sketches done on my trusty Galaxy Note phone before bed using the app Zen Brush for Android.  I love its simulation of real sumi ink, but it drives me nuts that there is little to no pressure support or other features that take advantage of the Wacom designed S-Pen.  What else do you expect from an iPhone/iPad app developer who took forever to produce an Android port?  Mark my words, with Samsung and Wacom working closer and the new Wacom Companion Windows 8 tablet….  Apples days of dominating graphic arts computing are numbered.



Simple Analysis 4.0 beta draft #1!

100% digital, done with the GIMP this time around. A little tongue and cheek prod at both Apple and Occupy Wall Street’s worship of Apple products while vilifying the very foundation of what Apple is; a multi-national corporation that has outsourced American manufacturing. Yes, Apple builds stuff in China too… They are a regular computer company that imports components and uses cheap labor costing Americans jobs… Just like that evil Microsoft and IBM.

Really, if they truly were devout in their Socialism, they’d run Linux devices. Every single one of them, but they aren’t smart enough to (well, some have got to be… but in general…).

Yes, I see they typo’s quite clearly… Hence beta… You win some you lose some…