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6 Days left and $1500 short on the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War graphic novel.  I’m asking my readers and followers to consider giving what you feel you can, even if its just SHARING THE LINK on your social media, blogs, and other pages!  Please help Clayton out with this project!

Clayton worked hard with a number of great creators to publish this to commemorate the sacrifices of a “forgotten” generation of America’s Veterans who served from 1950 to 1953 in the killing fields of Korea securing Liberty south of the 38th Parallel.    Lets NOT forget the Korean War, as its still going on to this day ion one of the longest ceasefires in history!

So, check it out folks!  Clayton has been a big help and mentor for me just being himself, doing his jobs, and juggling with a few graphic novel/fundraising projects as well!  This man’s work deserves our attention!  I also know Clayton is driven by the same passion for this project (more so than myself actually), and that is the impact Korean War Veterans have had on our lives.  They are a quieter and smaller group of Veterans, but in no way any less influential than all the Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq Veterans.  Lets honor these men and women before their generation is gone forever from the living.


GIMP 2.8 is out TODAY! It includes Layer Groups… This is a BIG improvement and my biggest gripe about the GIMP as a digital painter and comic guy. Groups make a HUGE difference on your work flow allowing you to separate your various elements and not get lost in the sometimes HUNDREDS of layers you generate doing art sometimes. That being said however, I think I’ll stick to Manga Studio for now as the workflow for laying out my layer groups for comic pages is already accomplished. That, and as GIMP 2.8 matures, I can use it to color my black and white work created with MS4 if the .psd import/export is up to snuff.

Now, I just have to wait for a MAC OSX build to be released.

That being said, I might be switching to Krita for my Linux image editor of choice. Using similar code Krita has some great features I’m going to look into. Along with Krita, another GTK based digital painting program I’ve enjoyed for both Linux and Windows is MyPaint. Its light weight and not really good for editing photos and images, but its the great sketching program that does even better than Sketchbook Pro for my Windows and Linux machines.

That, and I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my netbook. We’ll see how Krita and MyPaint perform on that little box. So far its role as a mobile digital sketchbook has been sub-par… But then, its still more capable than an iPad so I can’t complain (the 180 GB HD, 3 USB ports, and Flash drive make iPad users less likely to mock the netbook for the time being… Especially when I plug in my trusty Wacom and can draw/paint with full pressure sensitivity, tilt detection, and brush rotation).

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Recently YouServed at started running a few of my Simple Analysis cartoons (don’t worry, I’ll like them to here shortly…). One day, while I was visiting Doug TenNapel’s blog and forum (of which I’ve been a member for some time now) I saw his pin-up of Earthworm Jim that he is getting ready to auction off at the Dallas Comic-Con in May. Not only is this piece of art awesome because EJ is dressed to kill as a soldier (, but Doug is donating the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project! So, with YouServed running some of my cartoons on the blog, I figured I’d use my new-found influence with the Redshirt and Producer Marcus, and mentioned the awesome artwork to him to see if he wanted to set up an interview with Doug. Marcus then turned around and said, ‘that’s a great idea, how about you arrange the interview’.

So here I am, I got on Facebook (since I’m following Doug there as well), and I just sent the message with my fingers crossed… Within minutes I got a chat right back from Doug, and worked out a good date and time for the interview. Well folks, its time!

On the YouServed Blogtalk Radio page, at 9PM EST (6PM PST, and 4PM AK) Doug will be interviewed!

Be sure to listen in!

I couldn’t finish it.  I’ve been working a couple weeks on the concept, and only came up with the cliche scissors and Bill of Rights.  That, and the background is bare and I’m really running out of time to finish this cartoon…  Along with being rather angry at the whole affair.  Most recently the compromise that was not compromise…

Don’t be distracted by the contraception/abortion issue folks.  This is indeed government interference in religion, along with other past events its just a piece of whats been going on at an incredible rate the last four years.  NDAA before Christmas, SOPA/PIPA to distract us with something that had no hope of passage (tossing us a bone essentially), and now the DHHS mandating that religious organizations pay for services they have a strong moral conviction against.  Just one more nail in the coffin of Liberty that Obamacare has brought about by MANDATING how we pay for our healthcare, and what gets covered regardless of what we believe.

No, this isn’t a joke.  We had an 85 year old Sourdough Mama beat a moose senseless with a shovel!  Don’t mess with her man and dogs!

This is being published in honor of an organization in our community dedicated to stalking peoples chimney pipes.  They go around town, hunting for homes with outdoor boilers or fireplaces and wait to take pictures until there is a plume of smoke coming out.  Sure, it doesn’t sound bad, until you understand that the smoke is within the first hour of adding fuel.  This means they sit and wait, hence the stalking, until the property owner (or tenant) fuels the boiler.  I should also add, that in several cases, they have taken pictures of peoples roofs who HAVE OIL BOILERS.  Funny how that works.  For your review folks, I took pictures of my own outdoor coal boiler at temperature as well as a neighboring roof  with an oil boiler (and I had the courtesy to cut out any identifying structures, vehicles, etc.).

If biomass is such a caustic fuel source, then why does the EPA, and AK DEC allow 1,000,000 plus acre forest fires to rage in the summer causing PM 2.5 levels to outstrip the ENTIRE winter.  But I digress.  I should also point out that the folks seeking to ban affordable fuel in the Fairbanks Area, be they the Borough, or others, have only opacity to measure with as property owners are pretty adamant about not allowing them into their homes to monitor their fireplaces.  Yes, that is the only accurate way to measure pollutants.  But then, thats probably what they wanted from the start.  Thats why they pushed for the law to begin being enforced based on the color of the smoke coming out of your pipe, followed by how opaque it appears to be.  They wanted that fight to start incrementally, and then when the public was tired of it, then they’d offer the alternative of emissions testing…  Invading homes, requiring licenses for the affordable alternative to heating oil in the coldest state in the Union.  Yes, for many its true, burn the cheapest fuel or freeze.  Oil is the primary fuel, and also the most expensive.  Thats a fact (Fairbanks Gas records the prices in just about every corner of the FNSB.  There are a few gaps, but in general these guys have been tracking the prices since I can remember listening to the radio up here in 2004).

In honor of the Obama Administrations current priorities…  Go after the Amish for selling raw milk and homemade cheese across state lines with mall ninja SWAT officers who work for the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture; all the while letting the BATFE smuggle guns across the Southern Border with Mexico to the Zetas; all the while blaming both the small farmers and the gun owning public for crimes which they aren’t guilty of.  Its not a joke about how they go after small farmers selling raw milk as terrorists.  In each case DHS has used a 2002 anti-terror law aimed at bio weapons as a statute to shut down small farmers at gun point.

Further reading:

Once again, GWOT Veterans are in the cross hairs of the very government they served to protect YOUR liberties…  When you sit and read the articles, keep in mind how easy it would be to construe a wounded Veteran from recent operations in Iraq who loves to be prepared and live outdoors showing up at a surplus store.  Having been wounded, and losing limbs, they can easily be ‘profiled’ according to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force handout as a domestic terrorist.  This after MIAC, and the DHS Report in 2008.  BOHICA!

David Codrea’s Gun Rights Examiner article:

PDF of the FBI handout to Colorado Surplus stores…  ColoradoFBISurplusStore

Why do I say its a Taxpayer Reality and Union Propaganda?  Well, if you aren’t on-board with the Union PAC, especially the public employees who work for Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer; you will be crushed by the Unions.  They will organize protests, boycott you, and send thugs after you

…Notice to government workers, Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer are your boss (along with being the Governors boss, and the Legislatures boss); and when you decide to attack your ’employer’ for unfair practices, you attack the citizens of the state, or this nation.  In case you didn’t notice, you serve at the pleasure of your employer, the ones who pay taxes that go into your pay check.  Should you crush the tax payers, you cut off your own pay check!  Have fun with that!