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SA 01FEB13 McCarthy Women AR

Its a smidgen late folks, but it’ll never get old!  Typical Liberal Democrat lunacy.  First the Administration and Congress removes most of the blocks, if not all, of women serving in front line combat; then Representative McCarthy from New York in her infinite wisdom and superior intellect with regard to all things firearms declares that women shouldn’t use AR-15s for self defense as they are not accurate enough for such a role.

Needless to say, I’m sure the women I served with in Iraq share the sentiments as this young Airman (reference photo was from an Airman guarding Sather AB Iraq circa 2006 or so).  I’m sure most of the women I know will agree with it, even if its a bit more harsh than their own.


Honestly, I think this is most important thing I can say about the tragic case of Trayvon Martin.  Honestly, people need to calm down and let the facts all come forth and let the investigation come to a conclusion (and possibly a trial) before demanding ‘justice’; which in the case of Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Spike Lee apparently is nothing more than thinly veiled vengeance and ‘evening the score’.  Something tells me Martin Luther King Jr. rolls in his grave over the reaction of the usual idiots spouting off about race.

In honor of the Obama Administrations current priorities…  Go after the Amish for selling raw milk and homemade cheese across state lines with mall ninja SWAT officers who work for the FDA and Dept. of Agriculture; all the while letting the BATFE smuggle guns across the Southern Border with Mexico to the Zetas; all the while blaming both the small farmers and the gun owning public for crimes which they aren’t guilty of.  Its not a joke about how they go after small farmers selling raw milk as terrorists.  In each case DHS has used a 2002 anti-terror law aimed at bio weapons as a statute to shut down small farmers at gun point.

Further reading:

Once again, GWOT Veterans are in the cross hairs of the very government they served to protect YOUR liberties…  When you sit and read the articles, keep in mind how easy it would be to construe a wounded Veteran from recent operations in Iraq who loves to be prepared and live outdoors showing up at a surplus store.  Having been wounded, and losing limbs, they can easily be ‘profiled’ according to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force handout as a domestic terrorist.  This after MIAC, and the DHS Report in 2008.  BOHICA!

David Codrea’s Gun Rights Examiner article:

PDF of the FBI handout to Colorado Surplus stores…  ColoradoFBISurplusStore

Inspired by actual events! Sorta…

I was sitting at my guard post on the Hastings Fire north of Fairbanks AK when I was running both a mosquito coil and a Therma Cell to keep the mosquitoes off at about 11pm/midnight or so (so the date might be a bit off…). Needless to say, some of them mosquitoes still kept on coming at me! The idea crossed my mind that not only are bears on top of humans here in Alaska, but the mosquito has got to be on top of it all… Insert some cartoon exaggeration, and POW, giant mosquito that is on top of everything in the food chain!

In theory, the bear spray works as a deterrent (though US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and other agencies shoot at least one grizzly after bear spray fails just about every year or so… They usually give it about three sprays before resorting to the 12 ga.). Bear bells… well, we tell the tourists they work… That and we joke about dinner bells and seasoning… Especially after stupid Californians or Alabamians balk at the $50 price tag on a 16 oz. can of bear spray…

…after all, $14.19 worth of Brenneke Black Magic 3″ magnum 12 ga. slugs are what everyone around here considers 100% effective lead based bear spray! If you run into the mosquito pictured here, make sure you have some 00 Buck handy…

Alaska voters voted to limit our State Legislature to merely 90 days from 120 days a couple years ago.  This was in order to get them to focus on their one State Constitutional obligation, the Capitol Budget…  For the last two years in a row, they have over-run the 90 days with similar frivolous items; and saved their one job which they are legally obligated to accomplish during a regular session, for a special session.  Sure, picking the State firearm and honoring one of your colleges (and a man who did so much for Alaska) are indeed good accomplishments, if the budget was taken care of first!  To taxpayers like myself who pay you live in Juneau for 90 days, you screwed us, again.  GET THE BUSINESS DONE FIRST, frivolous feel good statehood stuff can wait for the budget!

…never falls far from the tree!  Especially the Murkowski family (and their connections to Stevens and his wrong doings in the Senate and here in Alaska).  Nepotism at its finest!

This one I did with an idea from a volunteer in the Joe Miller for US Senate campaign.  This is another off the cycle additional cartoon to my stack for the year!  Election season is fruitful for political cartooning!

Amazing how the more liberal elements of the Democratic Party, and even the GOP, tend to forget that they claim to embrace religious tolerance in the face of the Tea Party’s success…  I especially find the DNC’s hypocrisy in this case to be very disturbing as they tend hold the lions share of Wiccan voters.  That is, at least what the DNC tries very hard to convey…  The reality is actually quite different.  I know of three non-Christian Pagan/Wiccan gun toting Conservative voters personally…  Believe me, they are just as miffed about the DNC’s lies about religious tolerance as I am (as a Roman Catholic).  But this is Alaska after all!

I had this one drawn up before the EPA dropped the issue after the firearms community took charge of exposing the stupidity of the proposed regulation.  It was nothing less than a blatant back door gun control attempt that co-opted several conservation groups.  But then seeing how progressive a lot of of envrionMENTALists are it should come as no surprise that they are anti-gun.  They went after lead in bullets, and fishing weights.  Why?  Because of the perceived threat these items pose to endangered species.  Granted lead is a concern, however the lead in bullets and fishing weights is nothing compared to other exposure areas.

Ramifications of this would impact far more than hunting though.  We already see how easy it is for lead to makes its way into toys.  Why you might ask?  Well, lead has been in use in paint for centuries.  Lead is still in paint.  Just not commercial grade or home grade building paint, but it could very well be in your hobby paint.  Many people in the craft industry already have to watch which brands of paint they get to comply with regulations for manufacture of toys because they could be liable for lead poisoning.  Face painters especially have to be very careful what paint they use, cosmetic quality being the choice obviously.  Why?  There is more than just lead that is dangerous to the human body in fine art paints, there are other heavy metals that don’t do your body any good when you are exposed to them long term, metals like cadmium.

Technology has replaced lead in many applications, however in a lot of older buildings and city structures lead remains in the paint, and even the pipes (with solder, mostly on heating systems and thankfully not drinking water…).  Lead is a useful construction material for many fields from sculpture to electronics.  Its not all evil, and we find we do well surrounded by lead in those areas because the lead is an alloy mix with tin or other metal and remains in its primary form with few particles dropping off to be inhaled.  Obviously, the people who handle electronics or lead in other areas already know to wash their hands with cold water before proceeding to eat or touch their faces.  Its a shame that conservation groups are over reacting to this material and blaming hunters and anglers first.  But then, I expect nothing less from these people who would rather play politics than accomplish anything really truly meaningful as most species they ‘protect’ have rebound beautifully and they couldn’t justify their existence without some threat to face (kinda like how they claim the military starts wars to justify its existence…).

Now, how about those mercury filled light bulbs you environMENTALists demand we use?  What impact do you think millions of those will have after they break and leave mercury vapor in folks lungs or in the water supply?