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So this begins a series critiquing the United Nations stance and activities on various issues.  Yes, the UN has done a great load of good when they have stood aside and just taken statistical data and compiled it.  However, they have done more harm than good since October 1945…  Starting with the Korean War (which is still being fought, just one long ceasefire signed in 1953 thus far!) until now.  So far, what we see in Hati is mostly a unilateral response from the US and our military.  If we waited for the UN to react…  Instead, like in Indonesia after the tsunami, and in Iraq, we have taken action.  In fact, in Iraq, we waited for the UN, waited until they failed to assist and delayed the invasion while doing so until it became apparent that support wouldn’t be there PRIOR to acting in a ‘unilateral’ manner (I seem to recall the U.K. being on board…).