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…never falls far from the tree!  Especially the Murkowski family (and their connections to Stevens and his wrong doings in the Senate and here in Alaska).  Nepotism at its finest!

This one I did with an idea from a volunteer in the Joe Miller for US Senate campaign.  This is another off the cycle additional cartoon to my stack for the year!  Election season is fruitful for political cartooning!


Alaska Political Family business is threatened by a loss in the Republican Primary.  RINO’s call in the Legal Thugs…  Too bad, these lawyers can’t really find a way to take down Judge Miller!

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too angry about Lisa Murkowski’s desire to cling madly to her US Senate seat…  All it has done is show us her true face.  How else do you explain her lack of confidence in the democratic primary process carried out during the Alaska Republican Primary race?  How else do you explain her going back on her word that she would respect the Alaska Republican Parties Nominee at the start of the race?  The answer is simple, she is nothing but the spoiled brat establishment RINO who’s first step into National politics was Daddy’s appointment to his US Senate seat (and we all saw that left him in third place in the 2006 Alaska Gubernatorial Primary Race, utterly shattered by Sarah Palin).  Lisa Murkowski’s political career is OVER; and the Murkowski’s have now left their legacy in Alaska, their name will be a joke.